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New Context, Same Pressure

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prod. By LegionBeats | Recorded May 18, 2023 in Nashville, TN


So we gone change the context but apply the same pressure, okay?

Just got here, nobody is checking for me.
In another city that’s another testimony.

I been writing stories always keep my head forward
I got to much on my shoulders not to focus
So I’m focused on my Self and I appreciate the help
I’m going home with the title and the belt (and the shelf

but I

Just Got Here steppin on the beat
Big Boss Brasi you ain’t gotta step for me
I’m stepping with the word on a path to greatness
I just got here and I’m so glad I made it

You know I never could have made if it wasn’t for y’all?
I mean you we never would have made it if it wasn’t for God?
How many times we had to write this stuff down and plan it out ?
How many times we read it over, miss a meal and thug it all out?

No like for real like if I’m gone do this ima really have to stay true to this
And I’m so brand new to this that I don’t know what to do with this
But I gotta get use to this so God let’s do this let’s do it
I’m here now so what’s let’s turn up I’m ready!

Disciplined consistent Gorgeous intelligent
I ain’t gotta tell you that I’m not the one to mess with
I’m straight outta Dallas and I know that I been Heaven sent
Sharpest in the box and on my way up to the top

I’m disciplined consistent Gorgeous intelligent
Birds of a feather flock together where my Sistas at?
Cashing checks raising kids tak care of they business
And stay prayed up living life as a witness

Big Brasi

New context, same pressure