Traveling Lessons: What I learned in Houston, OKC, and New Orleans

I just started traveling a lot over the last month and it's been FUN ASF!! But I'm big on learning so I gotta tell you some of the things I've learned on my recent journeys to my neighboring states. 

Lesson #1: Everything Isn't About You (Houston, TX)

When the weather rescheduled my March 11th show, I high-tailed it to Houston, TX with Jendayi from and helped her sell products at the Afro Soca Love Vendor Event. I passed out flyers, explained products, and invited girls over for a demonstration of the Lunette Cup. 

I didn't talk about myself much. I just got to know a lot of people. I asked them questions, tried different products, and listened to life stories. Whenever someone asked me about myself, I happily told them, and immediately they began to search for me. That energy was life! 

It's not easy to realize the selfishness that comes with being a Musician (or any other business owner). When you have so many pieces to a puzzle, it's hard to see someone else's picture sometimes. It's not on purpose and we don't try to ignore the people who love us most, but it's so important to take interest in the lives of those around us. Giving back to your community and getting to know the people around feels good and builds a little trust, too. 

Lesson #2 Don't Forget You're Family (Oklahoma City, OK)

Coming home from Houston was a necessary emotional roller coaster. I had some internal bleeding going on that I wasn't aware of. Soon as I got back in the city, I headed straight to rehearsal for a show, then woke up the next morning and headed to OKC with a 6-month-old baby. 

I called my mom, dad, sisters, brothers, friends, and everybody else I could think of as I drove into the next state to see what they were doing and tell them I love them. With every phone call, I started to miss people more and more.

A 30-second phone call to a family member just to say I love you does more good than you expect. Don't let weeks and months go by without talking to your loved ones regardless of what y'all go through or how busy your life becomes. 

Lesson #3 Live in the Moment (New Orleans, LA)

A week later I'm in the car headed to New Orleans for a 4-day vacation with 5 baddies! I slept the whole way there, drank my tail off, danced all night long, and slept all the way back. No emails, phone calls, tension, pick up, manufacturing, promoting, writing, organizing, etc. Just a bunch of people enjoying being alive at the moment.

We stress over the past and over plan for the future so much that we can't enjoy the fruits of the present. The moment we are in right now is a blessing because we should have had the last and we don't know about the next. 


Get out of the city and go be with your family. They are the substance of your music. Travel. Enjoy the moment you have right now. Learn and continue to learn. 

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