STREAMS vs. DOWNLOADS: How I Made More Money on Downloads in 3 Days Than I Did on Streams in 18 Months

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Spotify approximately pays an artist $.0033-$.0054 every time you stream one of their songs. This means you would have to listen to Outside ft. June B at LEAST 303 times for me to make $1. Just $1.

The promotion strategies it would take to get 303 streams can be overwhelming and time-consuming for a lot of musicians because let's face it: We were born to record and make music... not to promote and do business. I released wisdom, time & energy to all streaming platforms back in October of 2020. As of today, I have made a whopping $15.13 from all streaming platforms. woo...

3 days ago, I released Disrespectful on my website for $1.29 and I sold 10 downloads (plus 3 super tickets) and made $12.90. That's a MAJOR JUMP from what I did in the past year and a half and in this post, I'm going to explain why downloads are an indie artist's best friend.

First off, You Find Out Who Your Real Supporters and Fans Are

I put my fans in 3 tiers: Fans, Best Fans, and Super Fans:

  • My fans have heard me a few times in local showcases. They know me when they see me and it's all good. 
  • My Best Fans have me on their playlist. They listen to a lot of big-name artists and I just so happen to be in the mix with them.
  • My Super Fans reach in their pocket and buy downloads and tell other people to buy the downloads. They also buy tickets and merch and share posts and videos and comment on my content. 

Super Fans will also tell you which songs are hits and are not. They don't mind buying an album and telling you which songs are trash. My whole goal is to turn all of my fans into Super Fans. So I ask myself what can I give to my super fans in exchange for vibing and supporting my career? (I'll save the rest of that for a different post, cause I can go all day about the stuff I plan to give to my super fans)

Make More Money and Do It Faster

Asking somebody to listen to Allinaway ft. Vidal Garcia on any streaming platform is the same as asking for $.0033... and even the homeless ask for more than that.

If 10 people purchased Disrespectful for $1.29 every day for 30 days, that's $387. It would take between 71,667-117,273 streams on Spotify to make this much. Now how long will that take for an indie artist with a small support system, no financial backing, or limited marketing knowledge? Exactly.

Now imagine if I sold an album for $5 and sold 10 copies every day for 30 days. That's $1,500. That's damn near 454,545 streams. How long do you think that would have taken? Now that $1,500 can fund the next project's marketing plan so I can reach a bigger audience. (okay, I'll stop here, too, because I don't want to give you too much, lol)


I'm not saying releasing music to all platforms is a bad thing. I'm saying it's not the form of income I advise any new indie artist to look into. There are other ways to get paid for your music than streams when you are starting out. I make more money from my official website than I do from all streaming platforms put together right now and I'll talk about it more in future posts.

So Yea, Go download "Disrespectful"  and tell me if you like it. Let me know in my guestbook if you do (or don't!). and if this was helpful to you or if you have any questions, let me know in the comments! #BRASI

Brasianna Unykue is a Mom, future wife, certified personal trainer, nutrition coach, and musician from Dallas, Tx.  During the early stages of her career, health concerns hindered the growth of her and her family. With her certifications in Personal Training and Nutrition combined with her experience in songwriting and music project management, Brasianna is on a mission to spread  Artist Health Awareness in the music industry. 

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