A letter to CT Fletcher [*Explicit Language*]

*This post is littered with positive curse words. Yes, positive curse words are a thing. If you don't believe me, listen to this. Parental Discretion is advised (but, Your kids use these words all the time.)

Dear CT Fletcher, 

First off, CT, I AINT NO BITCH!  Every morning for the last week you have yelled at me and called me out on my bullshit. Well, mufucka I'M HERE and I'm giving it my all. I'm doing BETTER than my mufuckin best. I own this shit! I worked for this shit. It's mine. 

I'm waking up on time, going to bed late, picking up weights, and throwing medicine balls. No Excuses, no complaints.


I ain't contributing to the pussyfication of this nation or the next generation. I'm not average. I'm not basic. I'M THE ONE!

Secondly, all this screaming at 4 AM is exactly what my punk-ass needed...

See sir, for years I've sat on my ass. It was my job's fault for not paying me enough. I didn't blow up in music because "people were sleeping on me". It was never anything to eat in the kitchen so that is why I didn't eat.

But I never said shit about my spending habits. I didn't practice and promote my music.  And there was definitely food in the kitchen, but my lazy ass just didn't want to get up and make something, so I ate snacks and soda because it was quick. I didn't want to admit that I was fucking myself up.

So yea, I used to be a bitch. BUT I AIN'T NO BITCH! God didn't intend for me to be no bitch!

SO CT MUFUCKIN FLETCHER, I'm tired of acting like a pussy cause at the end of the day, it's still my motha fuckin set. I'm doing my best shit.

Now, let me shut the fuck up and do some work.



CT Fletcher did not pay me for this post. He inspired the fuck outta me and I know he will inspire yo punk ass, too. Learn More about him on his official website.

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