Better Reactions

Replacing anger and irritation with patience and establishing boundaries around your emotions are extremely difficult, but Godly, tasks. I've been working so hard on both because babyyyyyy.....

I think back on all the times I reacted out of anger and the result of my reactions were not always in my favor. I fought, which lead to a bruised body (and still a nonexistent issue with a few females I won't mention.) I would yell at my partner if he did something I didn't like, which made him not want to talk to me or take anything I said seriously. I would get mad at the teachers for giving me hard assignments, which eventually lead me out of those AP classes. I didn't take tragic news lightly, so I was always the last to know of something (then I would get mad about being last).

People are going to do stuff that I don't like and things are going to happen that I don't want to be a part of regardless of what I say or what I feel. I can't control what happens, what people do, or what they believe. But, what I can do is control the way I respond to the energies around me. Although I haven't perfected the "Art of Reaction", I've definitely gotten better at it over the years.

I know that I am human and a part of my design was the power of emotions. Anger, envy, happiness, and sadness are superpowers that come with the human race and can be used for either good or bad. This depends on the way I react to my emotions. 

If I'm angry, I write it down and burn it. If I'm sad, I talk to someone and listen to uplifting music. and when I'm jealous, I think about all of the blessings I've received over the 25 years of my life. My positive reactions grants me peace and keeps me out of jail or a grave. When I respond with positivity to confrontations, fights end and moods change. 

So try it. I know people do some crazy things. So do you! But it's the reaction that matters most. Positivity works for me, I know it will work for you, too!

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