What about 'Action Without A Vision?'


Happy New Year! I’m so happy you’ve made it this far with me all this time. As promised, Here’s the 1st Sunday Preparation Journal:  

Every Sunday, I get a little anxiety attack just thinking about what's in store for the week. After a long and restful Saturday (and oftentimes a messy and cluttered Saturday), Sunday is packed with chores, peace, and preparation.  

One of America's greatest hip-hop artists, Kevin Gates, stated in a song that "A vision without action is merely a dream." So what would action be without a vision? Simple... Dry, meaning "a waste of time." 

So often, I have found myself dry doing shit.  Dry working a job, spending money on dry materials, writing dry songs, eating dry food, doing dry workouts, dry *ss hair, making dry *ss plans with dry *ss people to do dry ass sh*t. Just wasting time. 

Finally, I got dehydrated and I needed something to fulfill my thirst. So I started eating better, saving money, oiling my scalp, drinking alkaline water, and lots of other 'self-care' routines. But, I still felt dry. I felt like I wasn't going anywhere; like there was no reason to continue living. I had no purpose; no reason for breathing. 

I soon stopped my routine and weeks later picked it back up. I continued to pick up and drop motivation for years until finally, I realized that my efforts were bullsh*t. 

What I'm trying to say is that I told God what was wrong and I tried to fix it without his help and without giving him credit, but I failed every single time. I told God I was dehydrated.  I picked up a soda, but God offered me water. Did I take it? No. But, if I would have, I probably wouldn't have this stomach cramp right now. 

So I stop taking my own advice because obviously I don't know what the hell I'm doing and I began reaching out to my elders who advised me to leave the future to God and enjoy my present right now because I may not get one tomorrow. 

This lesson became extremely important when I was pregnant. I plotted and planned and planned and plotted, but a lot of things I was wasn't expecting did (and didn't!) happen. But the impact of those events did not affect me because I'm no longer following my own plan, but God's plan. 

And whatever big guy has planned for me, I def down for it. I'm going to lose friends, jobs, hair, looks, routines, feeling, and even faith and a purpose. But God? God is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow and he's written billions of successful plans and stories.  

For your 2022, I encourage you to execute the plan God has for you, whatever that is. Raise those kids, complete that task, join that organization, write that novel, etc. Tell God what you want and do what he tells you to get it. 

I'll continue to pray for you, whether you want me to or not. :) I'll see you next Sunday!

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