2022 Wrap up: What Did You Accomplish This Year?

It's been real, 2021, but I'm beyond ready for the new year to start! It's been one hell of a year. For me, anyway, it definitely was, but quite frankly, I'm proud and surprised with myself. Here's my 2021 Wrap Up!!

In my 24th year of life, I:

  • found out I was pregnant
  • got engaged in South Padre Island, TX.
  • held 2 successful pop-up shops (they were both outdoors and yes, I was pregnant).
  • gave natural birth to a baby girl
  • breastfed that same baby girl
  • performed with Muzikal Alkhemizt the Band at Dallas Texas Unplugged (DTXU)
  • found a church home at Pathway of Life Church 
  • earned my certifications from ISSA as a personal trainer and nutritionist
  • attended water aerobics
  • went to hurricane harbor 8 times
  • went to six flags twice
  • got to know my grandfather
  • chose a product and business idea
  • got an xbox one
  • beat grand theft auto... twice
  • had my first Christmas with my blended family
  • road a boat on joe pool lake
  • paid for my name and opened a bank account
  • took a real estate class
  • read 20+ books

If you would have asked me last December what I thought my life would look like, it definitely would not correlate with the previously mentioned list. I've done a lot and learned a lot about a lot this year (tongue twister). Here are the lessons I learned this year:

  • Loving somebody who loves you with the same energy is an amazing feeling.
  • Your health is your wealth. The healthier you are now, the healthier your great-grandkids are later.
  • Forget the past. Live in the moment. Focus on your future.
  • That Madea scene from Tyler Perry's Madea Goes To Jail is so important in this generation: LET THEM GO.
  • Black men are not deaf, nor do they answer to angry estrogen. Communication is key, love. Talk like you got some sense.
  • Read and note-take yo ass off. reread your notes and get well-versed in whatever it is you are interested in. Do your research. This puts you ahead of some people you might have thought were ahead of you.
  • Procrastination, sleep deprivation, and postpartum depression are real (from Brian). No, It is not easier because you have an active coparent... shit's still trash.
  • If you're afraid to do it, it's probably the thing you need to do... unless it's unnecessary... like pouring alcohol on your hand and lighting it on fire...

I met some amazing people and companies. This year, I met:

  • Cynthia from Children Family Institute
  • Pastor Kelly, Tonya, and Minister John at Pathway of Life Church
  • The International Leadership of Texas
  • Melvin Bulock at A-List photography

2 most important things of the year:

  1. I built a stronger relationship with God. I'm learning more and more about my spirituality and I'm going to share it more often.
  2. I finally settled on a business idea and I'm going to stick with it all 2022.

So That's my 2021 wrap-up. What about you?

I'm launching my new business, Journality, LLC in 2022! Journality, LLC creates guided journals and planners for writers, artists, and organizers to assist them in the creative and planning processes of their work. Visit the Journality store. 

Also, Happy Birthday, Mom!

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