Camp Gladiator Review #BetterTogether

Last week, I overhear CT Fletcher on my Alexa playlist say:

"Choose Ye this day, mothaf*cka, what will you be... Beast? or B*TCH"

He caught me by surprise because I'll tell anybody in a heartbeat I AIN'T NO B*TCH!


Better Reactions

Replacing anger and irritation with patience and establishing boundaries around your emotions are extremely difficult, but Godly, tasks. I've been working so hard on both because babyyyyyy.....

I think back on all the times I reacted out of anger and…

What about 'Action Without A Vision?'


Happy New Year! I’m so happy you’ve made it this far with me all this time. As promised, Here’s the 1st Sunday Preparation Journal:  

Every Sunday, I get a little anxiety attack just thinking about what's in store for…


2022 Wrap up: What Did You Accomplish This Year?

It's been real, 2021, but I'm beyond ready for the new year to start! It's been one hell of a year. For me, anyway, it definitely was, but quite frankly, I'm proud and surprised with myself. Here's my 2021 Wrap…