Pregnancy Complaints Pt. 1 

Here’s a list of all the shit I want to say out loud but I keep bottled in because I’m just pregnant and hormonal and don’t nobody wanna hear me complaining and bitchin:
  1. I’m always hot. No, I don’t need a fan because it will get cold fast, but don’t turn it off because I need the circulation to breathe. 
  2. Your food stinks really fuckin bad. All of it. But I’m going to watch you enjoy yourself with my favorite food. 
  3. I’m pregnant... not handicap, disable, or mentally impaired. Please stop treating me like a…
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Far From Nosey  

I try to catch myself every time I’m being nosy. I tend to mind my own business and not worry about what the next individual has going on. I mean, minding other people’s business has never paid my bills before.  I’m not inspector gadget nor do I work in cyber security, so I’m not one to go through phones or ask round-the-bush questions to see if someone is lying or not. But that’s what gets me set up to be lied to, cheated on, hurt, and lonely. I want to trust the people I’m around; sleep with both eyes… Read more

Giving Gets You What you Want 

How do you get everything you want out of life? Going to college, starting a family, buying the new Ferrari, an 800 credit score... How do we get these things? Praying for a wife and kids alone does not get you a happy family, nor does saving every coin in your pocket get you a Bentley. We're human, so we're always wanting more and more, but it's not the 'want' for more that keeps us from gaining our desires; it's 'how' we choose to obtain those wants that take us from point A to point B. Here are 5 lessons…

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The People We Hang Around 

When Yung X’ Clusive passed away, I didn’t have time to grieve because I was to busy paying people back, catering to others feelings, and defending the actions of the artist previously mentioned. No one cane to see if I was okay. No one cared about my next moves in the industry. I shutdown completely and left music alone because I did not want to be seen as a clout chaser. Allowing other people’s opinions of me to attack my character caused me to give up on my dreams and settle for a life of mediocrity.  But… Read more

Single Mothers Dating For HELP 

I can't lie and say I don't understand why females get in relationships with people they really don't have any interest in. Women date for different reasons and the main reason is normally help. I used to date for help... I mean, I'm a single parent so what do you expect me to do when the father isn't active in my child's life?  Go get a job. Yea, and get fired soon as my babysitter can't make it on time. Apply for benefits... Just to live on the bare minimum. I mean, who's comfortable doing that? CollectRead more


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