Taylor Ross (Born October 31), known professionally as Brasianna (Queen Brasi) Unykue, is an American Hip-hop artist from Dallas, TX.

Through early traumatic experiences, this young mother transformed her past life into preeminent hip-hop records that penetrate negative energy with aggressive, inspirationally-coated lyrics that bring out the very best in her friends. 

Brasi lived a spontaneous and oftentimes unstable life. Her mom was a dancer and traveled while Brasi and her siblings attended multiple elementary and middle schools with her brother and sister all over Dallas. Her dad came home from the military in 2008 on the same day his mom died and began DJing at local clubs in the city. Whenever both parents were gone, Brasi resided with her stepmom and 2 sisters. Although her mom and dad have never been together since Brasi has been alive, they have always best friends. 


hard work

Whenever an opportunity presents itself, Brasianna is known to take immediate action.

From family gatherings to middle school talent shows, Brasi found herself in the spotlight. At the 7th grade dance, she was challenged to a rap battle in front of everyone… and lost. Over time, the queen began enhancing her vocabulary and word flow, walking into high school with Sherly Temple curls and a new attitude.

Let’s just say high school wasn’t the easiest four years for Queen Brasi. On the first day of her sophomore year, Brasi gave birth to a premature baby girl. 2 weeks later, she was right back at school. For 2 months, She traveled on the bus from her home to school to the hospital to take care of her baby. She worked with her teachers and fell asleep on the bus doing her homework. When her child was released from the NICU, she enrolled her daughter into a daycare near her school until she graduated in 2015. After school, she would pick up her child and ride the bus to record at Area 51 studios, where she recorded her track Disrespectful. After summer school twice, day and night school for a whole year, and completing a full semester in 48 hours, Queen Brasi raced to the front office with her graduation documents.

harder work

After the ceremony, The high school graduate entered the working class in the customer service industry. On her off days, she spent time in the studio with her baby on her hip. In 2016, she met TDX Media and began promoting and interviewing other artists in the city. In 2017, She met Yung X’Clusive and joined Tru3 Musick ENT Ova Everything as a social media manager and learned how to be consistent and stable. By 2019, Queen Brasi recorded multiple tracks and built a network of people who could potentially boost her career. In that same year, Yung X’Clusive passed away from congestive heart failure, leaving Brasi with depression, insecurity, and confusion. 

Following his passing, Queen Brasi became unstable again, sleeping in her car and her grandmother’s wood floor until she found an apartment. She turned her closet into a studio and enrolled in several MBA Masterclasses. On October 5th, Queen Brasi released her first 3 track EP entitled Wisdom, Time, & Energy to all platforms and continues to promote herself through multiple marketing techniques.  Whenever she is not building her career, she is spending time at home with her daughter, the chef, listening to influencers like Eric Thomas, Brandman Sean, and Phase VI while writing in her Personal Public Blog: The BookOfBrasi

to be continued...

Regardless. That’s how you describe Brasianna Unykue. Regardless of the trials that Brasi has faced, she has and always will reach her goals (and help you reach yours in the process).

Planning on investing in communities and shelters. Got My [stuff] together, and I manage under pressure.” - Brasianna Unykue

— From the single, Touchdown