"I build Bridges. I don't keep gates."

-Brasianna Unykue

"It started off on stages at open mics and ended on a phone on the beach."

Taylor Ross, known as Brasianna Unykue, is a Music Artist and Tech Entrepreneur from Dallas, TX with a passion for God, money, and and education.

"I couldn't afford the college degree. So I bought the textbooks and managed my time wisely."

Brasianna has used her skills in web development and marketing to create and grow music careers in Dallas, TX for over 5 years.

"I might be a typical stereotype, but I don't have a typical mind."

Growing up in poverty stricken and underprivileged neighborhoods, enduring sexual abuse and manipulation, giving birth to a child on the first day of her sophomore year in high school; these are but a few of the obstacles Taylor has and continues overcome.

"I'm here for y'all. You're the reason for my story."

Following the Example of King Solomon, Taylor lives to please God and serve his people.